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Vacation Time's a-Calling! Taking you to a wonderland of Destination, Luxury & Paradise! We take care of everything so you can relish and chill on your vacation!


Beach & Poolside or Hills & Mountains? WHH Location + GREAT Rates = Guaranteed FUN! Feel like a kid again ;) Fantastic views, breathtaking sunsets, and exemplary vacations!


Ocean, Sun, and Stars what else do you want? Here's all you need right at this place! Where the party never ends, tap into the welcoming vibe and bond over the cruise, the arts, & a glass of wine.


AVAILABLE, AFFORDABLE, ALWAYS - FLY HIGH! Reach with us to reach your destination. Get to where you feel like winning! Fly now & flaunt later, darling!

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Relaxation is the prime motive behind planning a vacation. The true definition of luxury in the modern era translates to having plenty of time to spend on rejuvenating your own mind and soul. Begin your luxury travels with Westin Holidays And Hospitality Pvt. Ltd..

our mission

Westin Holidays And Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. is an amalgamation of hard-work and determination that aims to deliver extraordinary service to the ones' who get connected with us.

our vision

Westin Holidays And Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. envisions in delivering excellent services to the customers vis-à-vis 100% client satisfaction.

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It's Happy Holiday

We're Truly Dedicated To Make Your Travel Experience As Much As Simple And Fun As Possible

A holiday is more than just sightseeing. It’s about enjoying exclusive experiences that make everyone envious. Like living in unique accommodations across different terrains. And showing off new skills you have just learnt. That’s what being a Westin Holidays And Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. members is all about! The experiences and the privileges! Looking for some adventure inspiration in 2022? Here’s our collection of the best adventure travel quotes to inspire you

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Westin Holidays And Hospitality gets even more enjoyable and you take away millions of golden memories. We deliver you high-quality services and lavish holidays through our impeccable service.

A complete package, we promise to provide our distinguished guests with high-quality experience so that whenever they think about vacationing, they come back to Westin Holidays And Hospitality

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₹6.99 Lacs

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    22,500.00/- + GST%


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    22,500.00/- + GST%


₹12.99 Lacs

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    22,500.00/- + GST%

Plan Your Tour Easily

Spend your precious moments of life

Itineraries studied in detail

The activity you keep helps Google make services more useful for you, like helping you rediscover the things you've searched for, read, and watched..

Room and food included

A private guide can provide this information; they're like your own personal curator. They're there to answer any questions you might have about their city.

Everything organized

Once filming has started, location managers manage the location. They make sure everyone in the cast and crew knows how to get there.

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Get started with Westin Holidays And Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.

For people who want to explore and trying new experience of life by travelling, our company WHH make your travelling more memorable and exciting.

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Have stories to tell not stuff to show.

+120 Premium tours

12,000 hotels in more than 100 countries and regions & flights to over 1,000 citites.

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+10 M Customers

With 500+ suppliers and the purchasing power of 10 million members

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Travel worry free knowing that here present we're here if you need us, 24 hours a day

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Book a cruise, play hide & seek with the sun at the seaside, get an experience of rough and tough adventures and feel the natural touch of wildlife. its your holiday, make it a memorable and storyteller experience because your satisfaction matters.

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